Welcome to Thought Trap Tuesday

Dear friend,

I’ve said that our thoughts can make or break our life.

And when we get beaten down by anxious thoughts, we run, hide, and miss opportunities. It ruins our lives.

That’s why I’m starting “Thought Trap Tuesday”.

Thought Trap Tuesday

Every week, I’ll break down a Social Anxiety thought trap from my own life. You’ll get prompts that help you change negative thought patterns and practical steps to live authentically -- all in an email you can read in two minutes.

I can’t wait to start next week! So here’s a sneak peak. Social Anxiety thought traps can be phrased like this:

“I’m worried about what people think of my ______”

What would you put in that blank? Drop a comment with your answer. I’ll share mine with you too :)

See you next week.



TiOluwa Olarewaju

TiOluwa Olarewaju

I write about emotions and build tech products to help people live fulfilled. Some people call me sassy, but my friends call me T.O.
Austin, TX