Change the Channel: How to Overcome Social Anxiety

Social Anxiety is a horror movie rerun in our head.

The plot is the same. We’re failing publicly because we’re too stupid, not attractive, too weird, or too boring.

And the more we watch that movie, the more afraid we get; we run and miss opportunities.

But just as focusing on future failure fuels fear, remembering our past victories builds confidence.

Here’s how to change the channel.

Create a Highlight Reel of Your Wins

Social Anxiety has failure on replay. But the best content for our minds is our victory -- no matter how seemingly small. Every day, pick one easy step of courage. Here are some examples:

Sharing Ideas & Opinions Comment on a social media post
Post something you learned on social media
Post an idea or side project on social media
Meeting New People Introduce yourself to someone online
Attend a virtual meetup and introduce yourself
Attend an in-person meetup and introduce yourself
Go to a Social Event Attend a virtual meet up
Attend an in person meetup
Go to lunch with someone
Speaking in Public Ask a question in a meeting
Post a video of you sharing an idea or side project
Post a video of you sharing something you learned
Talking to People Call someone you know well
Call a business and ask a question
Send a message to someone online

The next part is key. After you take your step, capture your success. Write down your answer to this question:

“What was the best part about doing this?”

Dig deep. Snap pictures, take videos -- anything to document your win. If Social Anxiety shows us an HD horror movie, we’ll build one of our own. This is your highlight reel.

Roadmap makes this easy and fun. You’ll earn miles by taking steps of courage. And, you can document your wins with text, photos, and videos. Try it!

Watch Your Highlight Reel to Build Confidence

I can’t say it enough. Focusing on future failures fuels fear. But remembering past victories builds confidence.

It’s not enough to have a highlight reel sitting around collecting dust. We have to use it.

Read over your highlights as much as you can. Read them in the morning, afternoon, and night. Read them when you’re anxious or calm.

When your highlights are in your head, confidence will be in your heart.
Roadmap automatically builds highlight reels of your wins. Get confidence in one tap. It’s like your personal hype man. Try it!

Push Yourself for Bigger Highlights

To continue to overcome Social Anxiety, we’ll need to push ourselves to grow. But it’s a marathon, not a sprint.

Anyone can have a burst of courage. True confidence is built through consistency.

First, focus on taking your one easy step daily. And when you get consistent at that, increase the duration and the difficulty. Here’s an example progression.

Level 1 1 easy step
3 days
Level 2 1 easy step
5 days
Level 3 1 easy step
7 days
Level 4 2 easy steps
10 days
Level 5 2 easy steps
14 days

After you complete a level, be sure to celebrate somehow. No win is too small -- you’re overcoming Social Anxiety! Celebrating your wins also keeps you motivated, which is just what we’ll need for the next level.

Roadmap makes growing fun. Each level encourages you to consistently take bigger steps. And when you finish one, you’ll unlock a new skill. Try it.

Your Turn

Social Anxiety may be a horror movie rerun, but we can change the channel. Create a highlight reel of your wins, watch it constantly to build confidence, and push yourself to grow.

When your highlights are in your head, confidence will be in your heart.

Here’s my challenge to you. Try this for a week and comment here with how it went. I can’t wait to hear from you!



TiOluwa Olarewaju

TiOluwa Olarewaju

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