Thought Trap #1: Worrying About Sharing Your Ideas

I’ve been working on Roadmap since Obama was president.

And while I’m proud that I’ve persevered, I think people probably wonder what’s taken so long.

Which brings me to Saturday. I had been working on a new idea for Roadmap, but the thought of telling my friend about it at lunch made me stressed.

What if he doesn’t get what I’m working on? What if he thinks that’s stupid?

Thought Trap: Chasing Approval of Ideas

Ok, let’s look at my thoughts and ask, “What do I want?”.

  • I want my friend to like my idea

And that’s a good thing. But we should also ask, “Why am I so anxious about that?”.

  • I think his approval of my ideas matters most [which is a LIE]

When I believe that, I hide my ideas out of fear. I kill my influence. No one will like my ideas…because no one will ever see them.

The Way Out: Appreciate Your Good Ideas

You wouldn't dive for a penny on the ground.

We chase approval because we forget what we already have. The truth is, you’ve had good ideas. And to stop chasing approval, we’ll need to remember them.

When you feel anxious, write down two things:

  1. One good Idea I’ve had is..
  2. I think that was a good idea because..

Pro Tip: Keep your “good idea” list going. Read it when you’re anxious for encouragement

Sharing Ideas Step-by-Step

If we want to live authentically, we must take steps to share our ideas. Here are a few.

  1. Show up
  2. Ask questions about others’ ideas
  3. Talk about what you’re working on
  4. Share your ideas
  5. Ask for feedback

Pro Tip: Start small, work your way up, and remember to celebrate each step!

Your Turn

When we focus on others’ opinions of our ideas, we hide them. So, remember to appreciate the good ideas you’ve had. Value them. Let your ideas live, one step at a time. I will as well.



P.S: Where do you struggle to share your ideas? Drop a comment with your answer and I’ll tell you mine!

TiOluwa Olarewaju

TiOluwa Olarewaju

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