New: Personalized Steps and Levels for Growth

Dear friend,

I want you to feel like Roadmap was built for you.

But everyone struggles with Social Anxiety differently. For some, it’s hard to disagree with people, for others it’s hard to share an idea at work.

Our goal for this version of Roadmap is to build a growth game around your struggles and push you to the next level.

So here’s what’s new in Roadmap.

Personalized Steps of Courage

Everyone struggles with social anxiety differently.

To design a growth game that fits you, we need to know your struggles and personal level of difficulty. So to start, you'll rate the challenges based on your anxiety level.

Then, we’ll build a game centered around your personal difficulty. Here’s what you’ll earn when you take those steps.

  • Low Anxiety - 5 miles
  • Medium Anxiety - 15 miles
  • High Anxiety - 50 miles

Levels that Encourage You to Grow

We created each level to push you to get better at overcoming social anxiety. To level up, you’ll need to travel enough miles each day for a streak.

The first two levels focus on taking your “low anxiety” steps consistently.

But as you level up, we’ll gradually increase the amount of harder steps you must take.

We hope to strike the perfect balance between not too easy, but not too hard. And after you complete a level, you’ll unlock a skill that helps you keep growing 🙂.

Your Turn

The new, personalized version of Roadmap drops today. I couldn’t be more excited for you to try it!

If you’re already part of the beta, be sure to update to the latest version. If you’re not already part of the Roadmap beta, you can sign up below :)



TiOluwa Olarewaju

TiOluwa Olarewaju

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