New: Dynamic Difficulty & Simple, Encouraging Levels

Our goal with Roadmap is to help you grow.

But, it’s also important that it matches how your life works.

And after releasing the last version of Roadmap, we’ve found a few big ways to make it fun & useful in your everyday life.

So here’s what’s new in Roadmap!

Earn Miles Based on Real Life Difficulty

When you signed up, you chose your personal difficulty for steps of courage.

We then used those answers to assign miles to each step.

But anxiety, and our life, is more dynamic. We best know our anxiety level for an activity in the moment, not weeks in advance during signup.

So here’s how taking a step works now.

After you take a step of courage, you’ll select the step and difficulty right in the moment. You earn miles based on how much anxiety you conquered.

I hope this accurately rewards you for your progress and motivates you to keep moving forward!

Simple, More Encouraging Levels

Each level in Roadmap should encourage you to grow.

But to level up, you had to maintain a streak. So we saw people take a step, miss one day, and have their progress wiped out.

That’s super discouraging. And it doesn’t fit how we live life. We might not have chances to take steps of courage every day.

So here’s what the levels look like now.

Roadmap levels encourage you to build confidence

To level up, hit your mile goal and take a number of higher difficulty steps.

Not only is it simple to understand, but it allows you to make progress anytime. Every step counts.

Your Turn

The latest version of Roadmap drops today! As usual, I couldn’t be happier for you to try it.

If you’re already part of the beta, be sure to update to the latest version. If you’re not already part of the Roadmap beta, you can sign up below :)



TiOluwa Olarewaju

TiOluwa Olarewaju

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