Roadmap: Motivation to Overcome Social Anxiety

Dear friend,

Social Anxiety is the ultimate discourager.

It tells us stories about how we’ll publicly fail in the future. And when we listen, we get afraid and run from opportunities.

That’s why I created Roadmap -- a growth game that motivates you to overcome Social Anxiety. I’m super excited to give you a sneak peak!

Roadmap Dashboard

Roadmap: A Growth Game for Social Anxiety

Games are really good at motivating us. They give us a clear goal, and make winning fun -- as it should be. Here’s how Roadmap works.

Earn Miles By Taking Steps of Courage

Social Anxiety discourages us from putting ourselves out there. So we first need encouragement to take action.

In Roadmap, you’ll earn miles when you take steps of courage. These range from sharing your ideas, speaking in public, going to social events, and more.

Taking steps to overcome social anxiety in Roadmap

Some steps that are hard for one person might be easy for another. So Roadmap figures out your personal difficulty and tailors the miles you get.

And after you complete a step, we’ll capture your success with text, photos, and videos. We’ll use these highlights to build your confidence.

Get Fuel to Build Confidence

Social Anxiety tells us discouraging stories of our future (like “what if they think I’m stupid?”). But there's one thing I've learned.

Fear in the present is conquered by remembering victories of the past.

As you take steps of courage, Roadmap builds stories of how you've overcome Social Anxiety. So when you need confidence, you can watch a personal highlight reel of all your wins.

A personal highlight reel to build confidence

Think of it as your personal hype man -- putting a new story in your head. And the more steps you take, the more confidence you’ll have to conquer harder challenges.

Level Up to a Fulfilling Life

Overcoming Social Anxiety is a long slog. And it’s really easy to give up.

Each level in Roadmap challenges you to grow. To advance to the next level, you must take bigger steps consistently. And when you do, we’ll celebrate by unlocking a new skill.

Leveling up in Roadmap

But the next level will be even harder :)

What’s Next?

I’m super excited for you to play Roadmap and overcome Social Anxiety. If you haven’t already, you can sign up for early access here.

Next time, I’ll share detailed mockups of how Roadmap works.



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